About US

Welcome to Modera Buckman – where we not only redefine real estate living but also embrace the vibrant and adventurous spirit of Portland. If you’ve ever dreamt of a place that effortlessly fuses urban excitement with the tranquility of a personal oasis, your search ends here.

Modera Buckman is more than just a residence – it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re someone who yearns for the thrill of a challenging climb on our unique augmented gaming climbing wall or someone who prefers to relish in the mesmerizing beauty of a sunrise from our roof deck, we have the perfect slice of life waiting just for you. How many can claim the luxury of having the convenience of a Market of Choice at their fingertips? Not many, but that’s just one of the many exclusive perks of living here.

Now, let’s talk interiors. Imagine yourself in a home that’s tailored to amplify comfort and exude elegance. From spacious floor plans that breathe life into every nook and corner, to the stylish charm of wood plank-style flooring that resonates warmth, every detail at Modera Buckman is crafted keeping you in mind. And of course, for the eco-conscious, our homes come fitted with energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and air conditioning, ensuring that luxury doesn’t come at the cost of our planet.

But our journey didn’t begin here. After achieving considerable success with our physical location and changing the way people experienced real estate, we felt the need to transcend boundaries. Thus, our digital blog was born. A space where we share a treasure trove of insights, tips, and techniques about the real estate world. A platform aimed at benefiting both buyers and sellers by bridging gaps with knowledge.

Modera Buckman isn’t just about homes; it’s about the communities we build, the lives we touch, and the experiences we craft. As you explore what we offer, know that every brick laid, every amenity designed, and every article written, is imbued with a promise – a promise of unparalleled quality, relentless passion, and an unwavering commitment to you.

Your trust is paramount to us. To know more about how we handle your data and our terms of service, feel free to explore our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages on our website.

Join us at Modera Buckman – where life finds its perfect balance.